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Watch: Boingo CEO Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the First Commercial Mobile Call

By Team Boingo
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  • 5 min watch

Four decades ago, a pivotal moment altered the course of our lives. On October 13, 1983, the first commercial cellphone call took place at Soldier Field, Chicago’s iconic sports and entertainment stadium. In the four decades that followed, the mobile industry took off, forever changing business, culture and the economy.

Boingo has served as Soldier Field’s connectivity provider for nearly 20 years, keeping the stadium at the forefront of innovation throughout the modern mobile era. Our state-of-the-art cellular and Wi-Fi networks support all Tier One carriers to connect fans, coaches and staff. Most recently Boingo launched 5G, giving Soldier Field guests fast connection speeds for viewing instant replays, live streaming, mobile ticketing and more.

Watch Boingo CEO Mike Finley talk about the historical impact of that first mobile call and honor the iconic sports and entertainment venue that is steeped in history.