Moving image of 5G
Moving image of 5G

5G for Business​


Boingo is deploying 5G networks coast to coast. As a neutral host partner to large public venues, commercial properties and enterprises, we take a unique approach to accommodate all carriers and their varied 5G designs.

More spectrum, more opportunities

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Manage the challenge of multiple 5G technologies in the same venue with neutral host networks
Accelerate your digital transformation strategies by leveraging the right spectrum for the right use case
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Benefit from faster speeds, lower latency and higher throughput
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Ultrafast millimeter wave

Millimeter wave (mmWave) is a cornerstone to 5G networks, especially in dense, indoor environments. The high frequency signals travel in narrow wavelengths to deliver increased capacity and ultrafast speeds for applications like HD video streaming and gaming. Boingo facilitates mmWave connectivity with hyperdense network designs that bring nodes close to the user.

Crowd at an airport terminal
Crowd at an airport terminal

Your CBRS partner

CBRS is a new end-to-end network solution that dynamically allocates 3.5 GHz on demand in a shared spectrum model. The favorable mid-band spectrum delivers seamless and secure LTE and IoT connectivity in dense, high-trafficked areas. The best part? It’s more cost effective than traditional licensed LTE and is supported by all Tier 1 Carriers.

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Want to learn more?

Download our position paper in partnership with Mobile Sports Report: “What Can CBRS do for Venues?”

    Get a boost with LAA

    A key attribute of 5G is combining licensed and unlicensed technologies—and that’s what LAA is all about. LAA, short for Licensed Assisted Access, enhances mobile broadband service through efficient spectrum sharing. The wireless standard runs cellular LTE in the 5 GHz unlicensed Wi-Fi band.

    LAA benefits

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    Introduces network convergence

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    Uses carrier aggregation

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    Increases speed and capacity

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    Enhances service in high-trafficked locations

    Introduces network convergence
    Uses carrier aggregation
    Increases speed and capacity
    Enhances service in high-trafficked locations

    Full mobility with MulteFire

    With MulteFire, Boingo can install and operate private or neutral host networks over small cells to provide secure, seamless connectivity. MulteFire provides a cost-effective option for deploying LTE technologies inside a venue and is expected to be a gamechanger for IoT applications and high-speed mobile broadband.

    Boingo sits on the MulteFire Alliance board of directors where we’re leading the charge to realize benefits of the wireless future, today.

    First PLTE launch using CBRS

    Learn how Boingo launched the first CBRS network at a major airport—Dallas Love Field—to power a world-class passenger experience for the 5G era.

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