Edge & Cloud Computing


Boingo’s distributed computing framework is infused with the cloud and extends data centers for faster, automated enterprise environments.

Boingo breaks barriers with borderless infrastructure

Our borderless infrastructure moves content from edge to cloud to data center seamlessly. The hybrid offering combines on-premise infrastructure with cloud technology to efficiently manage data transport.

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5G business

Boingo’s edge and cloud computing solution serves as a backbone for converged 5G, CBRS and Wi-Fi deployments to improve business operations and the customer experience.

Powers 5G use cases
Unifies management of public and private networks
Reduces latency and improves reliability
Facilitates network slicing, assigning bandwidth by application

Faster, seamless data transfer built right into your network

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Virtualized, Cloud Native Infrastructure

Enterprise network functions run as software to rapidly scale applications for IoT and consumer devices. 

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Layered Security Architecture

Encrypted systems and perimeter policies protect data. Multi-layered sensors identify threats for prevention and rapid response.

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Autonomous Analytics

Machine learning and AI analyzes network traffic to deliver data insights for proactive decision making across operations, quality of service and user experience.

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Boingo’s Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platform brings network processing to the venue. Our fully managed solution is sized to your needs, delivering robust analytics without disrupting your workflow.

Highly secure data environment
Ultra-low latency
Rich data insights

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