Passpoint and Roaming

Mobile data traffic is skyrocketing – with no end in sight. Forward-thinking wireless providers are partnering with Boingo to meet coverage methods on home and roaming networks alike.

Improving your cellular coverage with passpoint

For cellular carriers, leveraging Boingo’s Passpoint-enabled Wi-Fi footprint is an easy and quick way to expand coverage or relieve network congestion in highly-trafficked locations.

Passpoint makes connecting to public Wi-Fi as secure and easy as connecting at home. With a Passpoint profile installed, customers can automatically connect at the fastest speeds available and surf securely with enterprise-grade encryption.

Boingo is the leader in Passpoint and roaming protocols.


Boingo developed Passpoint roaming standards from the ground up with carriers & wireless standards groups.


Boingo was the first wireless provider to bring Passpoint’s seamless roaming protocols to commercial venues.


Boingo holds roaming relationships with three of the four major U.S. wireless carriers.

“By rolling out Passpoint Secure to airports serving nearly half a billion passengers a year, Boingo is helping to advance the ecosystem for standards-based roaming and carrier data offload while maximizing the use of available spectrum.”

Peter Jarich
Vice President, Current Analysis

Expanding your
Wi-Fi footprint

For ISPs, harness the power of our network and extend the reach of yours. Partner with Boingo to access our network of over 1 million global Wi-Fi hotspots that connect customers at premium locations including airports, hotels, coffee shops, retail stores, stadiums, in-flight and more.

Growth goes both ways. Got your own network footprint you think could add value for Boingo customers? Let’s talk

Today, Boingo is proud to partner with over 100 network operators across more than 100 countries to bring ubiquitous connectivity to customers around the world.

“We’re committed to keeping our customers connected to the people, places and information that matter most, which is why we’re pleased that many of them can now seamlessly connect to Boingo’s global Wi-Fi during their travels abroad.”

JR Wilson
Vice President, Partnerships & Alliances, AT&T

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