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Event Recap: Key Insights from HIMSS24

By Team Boingo
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Boingo is bringing you the top takeaways from HIMSS24. From 5G to Wi-Fi, here’s what you need to know to drive your healthcare organization forward.

  1. Patient-centric care takes center stage: HIMSS24 reaffirmed the industry’s commitment to putting patients at the forefront. From AI-driven personalized treatment plans to telehealth solutions expanding access to care, every innovation showcased had one common goal: improving patient outcomes and experiences.
  2. Interoperability and data exchange: Seamless data exchange is now cornerstone for delivering holistic care. Interoperable systems are key to enabling healthcare providers to access comprehensive patient data securely and seamlessly.
  3. Cybersecurity: With the digital transformation of healthcare comes the heightened need for robust cybersecurity measures. HIMSS24 delved into the evolving threat landscape and the imperative need for hospitals to fortify their networks against cyber-attacks and safeguard patient information.
  4. Harnessing the power of 5G and Wi-Fi 7: The lightning-fast speeds and ultra-low latency offered by 5G and Wi-Fi 7 technologies unlock a myriad of possibilities, from real-time remote patient monitoring to augmented reality-assisted surgeries.
  5. AI and machine learning transform clinical decision-making: Artificial intelligence continues to push the boundaries of healthcare by empowering clinicians with data-driven insights. HIMSS24 showcased groundbreaking AI applications, from predictive analytics aiding in early disease detection to natural language processing streamlining medical documentation processes.
  6. Telemedicine’s evolution and expansion: The pandemic catapulted telemedicine into the spotlight, and its momentum hasn’t slowed down. HIMSS24 explored the future of virtual care, with emphasis on hybrid models integrating in-person and remote consultations seamlessly, ensuring continuity of patient care.
  7. Embracing digital health equity: Addressing disparities in healthcare access was a recurring theme throughout the conference. From bridging the digital divide to designing inclusive digital health solutions, stakeholders reiterated the importance of ensuring equitable access to care for all patients, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographical location.
  8. Empowering healthcare workforce: Amid technological advancements, the human touch remains irreplaceable in healthcare. HIMSS24 underscored the significance of investing in workforce training and well-being, fostering a culture of innovation, empathy, and resilience among healthcare professionals.

The Boingo team had a great time connecting with the healthcare community at HIMSS24. To learn more about 5G, Wi-Fi, and private networks for hospitals and healthcare systems, download our 5G eBook.