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Modernizing Airports: Highlights from ACI-NA Airports@Work Conference

By Team Boingo
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Enhanced passenger connectivity, artificial intelligence and security operations. That and more were the hot topics at this year’s Airports@Work conference. Boingo was front and center to the action, showcasing how next generation cellular and Wi-Fi solutions connect every piece of airport technology, from drop off to takeoff. If you missed the show, here’s a rundown of key topics covered.

Digital transformation: 5G, artificial intelligence, data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming airport operations. Airports discussed how they are leveraging these technologies to optimize processes, from baggage handling to security screening, leading to smoother operations and increased passenger satisfaction.

Passenger experience: Airports are prioritizing innovative approaches for enhancing convenience, safety and accessibility for travelers. Investments are being made in advanced biometric solutions, private 5G networks and personalized services.

Infrastructure development: Capacity expansion, modernization of facilities and integration of smart technologies into airport design were infrastructure hot topics.

Safety and security: The latest advancements in aviation security, risk management strategies and emergency preparedness were addressed. Airport executives emphasized the need for collaborative efforts, governance policies and technology-driven solutions to ensure a safe and secure airport environment for passengers and staff.

Sustainability initiatives: Renewable energy adoption, waste reduction strategies and eco-friendly infrastructure development are priorities for airports as they adopt more sustainability practices.

Boingo had a great time connecting with the airport community. If you didn’t meet with our team in New Orleans, reach out to learn how Boingo’s wireless solutions can support your airport’s digital transformation.

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