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Elevating Airport Operations with Private Networks, Cloud and Data Solutions

By Team Boingo
  • Video
  • 1 hr watch

Digital transformation presents new opportunities and challenges for airports. Services like biometrics, contactless concessions, asset tracking and security management are putting new demands on operations as airports navigate impacts of a global pandemic. Leading 5G use cases with a secure network infrastructure that provides intelligent data visualization. Boingo and AWS joined Airport Business for an informative discussion on new proven wireless and cloud technologies that are delivering simplified management and streamlined operations for airports. Discussion points include:

  • How to create a highly secure environment for connected airport use cases
  • Why on-premise data processing with MEC is key
  • Best practices for ingesting and analyzing data for enhanced operations
  • How managed services takes the guesswork out of digital transformation
  • Airport case studies on private network, MEC and cloud deployments
  • … and more!

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