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Mass Transit 5G & Wi-Fi: Elevated Connectivity Solutions for an Enjoyable Commute

By Team Boingo
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Staying connected isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. For the everyday commuter, the daily journeys on public transit are more than just a means to get from one place to another – they’re the prime time to stay informed, entertained, and connected. In this article we explore why cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity is essential to an enjoyable commute.



Imagine being in a crowded transit hub, navigating through the hustle and bustle, and suddenly losing cell service. Without the ability to make phone calls, send texts, email, scroll, or stream, the time in the transit hub could be very frustrating. Reliable and robust cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity are necessary for commuting, powering important functions including:

Ticketing and navigation

The era of paper maps and printed tickets is long gone. Now, travelers rely on their mobile devices for everything from navigation to ticketing and beyond. Cellular and Wi-Fi connections allow travelers to determine the best train for their destination, check for transit delays, and adjust their route in response to service changes. It’s now standard practice for commuters to purchase and activate a train ticket on their phone.

Working on the go

For commuters, time on the train can be ideal for checking emails and reviewing the day’s tasks. A stable wireless connection ensures professionals can stay productive during their time to and from the office.

Staying informed and entertained

If commuters are able to enjoy their commute without working, chances are they will spend their time staying informed and engaged with their community, current events, or their favorite entertainment. Whether checking the news, looking at weather updates, browsing social media, listening to podcasts, streaming videos, or texting with friends and family, Wi-Fi and cellular connections keep commuters in touch with what matters to them most.



An 11-time winner of “Best Wi-Fi Service” from the readers of Global Traveler magazine, Boingo is a leading provider of SMART and secure transit connectivity solutions. Partnering with transportation authorities including the MTA and LIRR, Boingo’s cellular and Wi-Fi networks connect places including Grand Central Madison, Jamaica Station and more.

We are experts in deploying intricate wireless solutions and managing Wi-Fi and neutral host cellular networks to reliably connect digital use cases, including mobile tickets, cashless payments, text messaging, streaming, and operational equipment like digital signage and security cameras. Boingo’s solutions power advanced 5G service with high speeds, low latency, power efficiency, and enhanced security.

Boingo’s SMART Networks for public transit are:

  • Secure: SMART Networks provide access to enterprise-grade, secure, encrypted networks using Passpoint technology.
  • Multiplatform: Because smartphones, tablets, and laptops have different data consumption profiles, SMART Networks optimize bandwidth based on usage and device type.
  • Analytics-driven: SMART Networks enable analytics that deliver valuable business intelligence and customer insight.
  • Responsive: Because the demand on wireless networks can vary widely, SMART Networks continually evaluates the level of service being provided to adapt to demand on the go.
  • Tiered: SMART Networks support multiple classes of services that can be tuned for a defined user experience. The tiers of service classes create user experiences that meet the needs of casual and power users alike.

To power your transit system with secure, strong connectivity, contact Boingo.