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Why DAS is the Key to Boosting Cellular Coverage in Your Office Building

By Team Boingo
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In today’s connected world, reliable cellular coverage is a necessity, especially in commercial real estate and office buildings. Poor cellular reception can disrupt communications, thwart productivity, and frustrate everyone. The solution: distributed antenna systems (DAS). In this guide, we highlight the importance of DAS networks for office buildings and explain how to choose the best DAS network for your property.



Common building materials like steel and concrete repel cellular signals and complex layouts with many floors above and below ground can create wireless drop and dead zones. Furthermore, cellular signals may be insufficient in dense areas where many people congregate.

In today’s technology-centric workplace, it is impractical for an office building to have poor connectivity. Tenants and staff must be able to communicate effortlessly and IoT devices need reliable signals to run smoothly. Plus, drop and dead zones can pose security and safety issues.

If you are thinking, “What about Wi-Fi?” you are not alone. It is common to assume that only one wireless solution is needed, but both cellular and Wi-Fi are recommended for modern commercial real estate properties. Wi-Fi and cellular DAS serve distinct and necessary purposes, and they work together in office buildings as part of a comprehensive connectivity solution.



DAS offers many advantages to commercial real estate properties, including:

  • Enhances cellular coverage – Now that everything and everyone is connected, office buildings must have robust and reliable cellular coverage. DAS networks ensure that all devices have wireless coverage everywhere in the building. DAS eliminates dead zones and signal interference, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for users. It enhances coverage in areas with weak or no signals, providing a consistent user experience.
  • Increases capacity for users – The benefits of DAS are not limited to expanding coverage. DAS also enhances the quality of the coverage by providing more bandwidth and supplementing the capacity and coverage provided by Wi-Fi so that office workers and tenants have ample, uninterrupted service. DAS expands network capacity to meet the growing demand for wireless data. It supports a large number of concurrent users, enabling smooth data transfer and communication even in high-density areas.
  • Strengthens staff and business tenant experience – Excellent connectivity infrastructure makes a property more appealing and demonstrates the owner’s commitment to providing a modern, technologically advanced environment that aligns with the needs of today’s business demands.
  • Flexibility and scalability – DAS is flexible in adapting to changing wireless technology standards and future network upgrades. It allows for seamless expansion and integration with emerging technologies, ensuring long-term scalability.



To choose the right DAS provider, look for the following differentiating features:

  • Neutral host – A neutral host provider offers wireless infrastructure and services that are shared among multiple wireless carriers. Neutral host networks are often deployed in locations with high user density, where multiple carriers’ networks might struggle to provide adequate coverage and capacity. This approach creates an even playing field for all cellular carriers so everyone in the building can enjoy the same excellent connectivity experience.
  • Proven expertise – Work with a trusted expert who has been at the forefront of connectivity innovation to ensure your building has the best solutions today and is prepared for future innovation.
  • Relationships – The quality of a DAS relationship hinges on carrier participation. Choose a DAS provider with strong relationships with Tier 1 wireless providers to ensure optimal coverage.
  • End-to-end solution – There are many moving parts to a successful DAS network. Look for a provider offering comprehensive solutions, including design, installation, operation, maintenance, and 24/7/365 monitoring.
  • Future focused – Connectivity demands and solutions are constantly evolving. Look for a provider who can meet the data demands of today and the future – from 5G to 6G and beyond.

With over 20 years of experience, Boingo is a leading provider of DAS networks for the commercial real estate industry. Our networks ensure properties are ready for the 5G era. To learn more about next generation DAS with Boingo Wireless, visit or contact us at