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Distributed Antenna Systems for Sports & Entertainment

By Team Boingo
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Sports and Entertainment industries.



Entertainment unites, inspires, and invigorates us. From the local amphitheaters to the most epic mega stadium, reliable wireless connectivity is critical for both fan engagement and talent performance. Without DAS, fans are not able to utilize mobile operations like mobile ticketing or capture and share key moments because the old-school network cannot tolerate the high-traffic demands. Macro networks can be thwarted by arena and stadium building materials such as concrete and steel. Additionally, the macro network towers may be too far from the facility. With DAS, end-users experience seamless and strong connectivity. Fans know the down and distance instantaneously, and social media posts can be viewed and shared in real time. From tailgate to the tie-breaking shot, DAS connects fans and powers games and live events. The physical and digital aspects of live events merge to drive revenue and loyalty. Furthermore, on-demand analytics allow venues to stay ahead of the game.



Because DAS are customizable, the cost of DAS depends upon many factors. Many entertainment venues cover extensive square footage and attract large crowds. To meet the needs of these environments, active DAS are typically needed. Venues with limitless capacity and coverage needs require the most sophisticated, formidable technology at the most competitive prices. Through Boingo, the expense of DAS can be offset by revenue from carrier access fees, Boingo Retail, Boingo Media, Tenant Services, and Offload.



Wireless connectivity is like oxygen. It is required for every aspect of life and needs to be seamless and reliable. DAS infrastructure connects teams, fans, entertainers, and broadcasting media in real time. Fans can walk from the parking lot to their seats while maintaining seamless connection the entire time. Social media posts, videos, photos, and voice data can be shared instantaneously so no play is ever missed. The Boingo team is experienced in providing venues with high-capacity, high-speed, multi-carrier DAS networks. For over 20 years, Boingo has been the most valuable partner (MVP) for game time connections. Boingo supports stadiums that are part of the NBA, MLS, NCAA, NFL, MLB, PGA and more. Iconic venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Kansas State University’s Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Soldier Field, State Farm Arena, Petco Park, and University of Arizona trust Boingo wireless solutions to facilitate connected operations and power a great fan experience. In popular arenas, the best seats may be located in dead zones. Boingo specializes in disguising antennas within environments, so the focus is on the game or performance – not the network not working. With Boingo’s 24/7 on-demand analytics, turn-key mobile service, monitoring, maintenance, and customer service, teams and venues can focus on beating the competition and entertaining the fans. Boingo handles the rest. DAS networks are future-proofed because they are scalable and adaptable with 5G standards.

DAS infrastructure opens possibilities for innovative communal experiences where everyone is a VIP. More and more value can be derived from the fan experience. Live events will continue to be transformed by the most up-to-date technologies. Boingo is an important player in the field of wireless connectivity, and is engaged in developing the next advances. Facial recognition, microbetting, biometrics, Alternate Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Frictionless Shopping, and Next Generation Applications may soon be prevalent in sports and entertainment venues. These strategies will transform ticketing processes, game analytics, and concert experiences. DAS and next generation wireless technology enables venues to find innovative ways to provide immersive experiences throughout the entire year.

Boingo is the largest provider of indoor DAS in the U.S. To transform your venue for the future, contact Boingo.