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Case Study: Connectivity at the World Trade Center

By Team Boingo
  • Case Study
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The World Trade Center Oculus opened in 2016 and quickly became one of New York’s most iconic architectural marvels. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the mixed-use retail and transportation space connects 12 subway lines, 2 PATH train lines with service to New Jersey, and dozens of retailers—serving over one million people per week.



The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey required ubiquitous connectivity for visitors to the Oculus.

  • Aesthetics were paramount
  • Difficult wireless environment with complex building geometry and obstacles
  • High profile new build
  • High capacity demands to serve high volume traffic



Leveraging Wi-Fi, Boingo designed a shared infrastructure wireless solution that minimized equipment needs while maximizing wireless bandwidth.

  • Custom-designed APs and stealth equipment placement
  • Comprehensive network across open spaces, corridors, retail and train areas
  • Neutral host DAS network with all Tier One carriers live at launch
  • Fast, secure Wi-Fi



The World Trade Center is a world-class transportation and retail hub with world-class wireless.

  • 5 bar cellular service for all major carriers and blazing fast customer Wi-Fi allows commuters, tourists and retail shoppers to fully enjoy the space with a seamless connected experience
  • Wi-Fi connection portal enables the PANYNJ and Westfield to showcase marketing collateral, PSAs and generate advertising revenue
  • Positive customer feedback

This project highlights Boingo’s core strength—an end-to-end, technology agnostic partner that puts venue needs first. Boingo carrier relationships, project management expertise across multiple stakeholders, neutral host network architecture and custom network design translated to state-of-the-art wireless that was live on time and aesthetically on point.