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Fully connected enterprises with Boingo Private Networks

By Team Boingo
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Today Boingo announced the commercial availability of Boingo Private Networks, the first converged, neutral host private network that leverages all wireless technologies and spectrum to deliver digital transformation solutions for the connected enterprise.

Boingo Private Networks provide dedicated, secure wireless connectivity with enhanced capacity, control and coverage to enterprise customers—ideal to power digital operations, securely connect smart devices and drive operational efficiency. Offering a network as a service (NaaS) model, Boingo designs, builds and manages private networks for its customers. The solution is ideal for customers who want the benefits of a cellular network that guarantees control and data ownership, while removing the hassle of network management.

“Businesses are accelerating their digital transformation to streamline operations, reduce overhead and provide a secure experience—and private networks from Boingo are an important piece of that transformation,” said Michael J. Zeto III, senior vice president of global strategy and emerging businesses at Boingo. “Whether it’s creating a touchless customer journey, deploying robotics on the manufacturing floor, implementing advanced asset tracking, or introducing IoT for industrial safety, a Boingo NaaS Private Network provides a secure connectivity backbone that enables an enterprise to execute its vision, realize outcomes and own their own data.”

As a neutral host network operator known for many industry firsts, Boingo Private Networks are designed for enterprise customers who want direct control over wireless coverage, location and quality. The result is a reliable network to maximize operational efficiencies and realize new levels of productivity. To securely enable anything and everything requiring connectivity, Boingo Private Networks are an end-to-end solution including design, installation, operation, maintenance and data analytics.

“Boingo is the only provider of a true converged, neutral host wireless private network,” said Zeto. “That means we put the enterprise needs first and bring multiple technologies and spectrum together to efficiently provide the right solution for the right use case.”

Configured for interoperability, unified management and install ease, Boingo Private Networks can be implemented with Wi-Fi.