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It feels good to know that people are taking the time to get to know our veterans and understand our unique journey.
-Randy Moore, Network Operation Center (NOC) supervisor, Boingo Veterans ERG member


At Boingo Wireless, Supporting Veterans Is Core to the Company Culture

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May is National Military Appreciation Month – a time to reflect and honor the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces. At Boingo, some of our most talented teammates have military backgrounds and continue to serve. We’re grateful for their service and are proud to be part of their civilian career paths.

When military veterans transition back to civilian life, navigating the next step in their career can be challenging.

While the Department of Veteran Affairs is a source of military personnel assistance, tech companies like Boingo Wireless are doing their part to proactively recruit, train and welcome veterans back to the workforce.

Randy Moore, Network Operation Center (NOC) supervisor at Boingo, is a member of our Boingo Veterans employee resource group (ERG). Establishing a supportive community around veterans is the ERG’s ultimate goal. But the first step is awareness.

Recently, Moore and the group hosted a fireside chat with Rebecca Gray. Gray is currently the Vice Wing Commander, 111th Attack Wing at Biddle Air National Guard and serves on the State Diversity Council for the Pennsylvania National Guard. She also holds the role of senior vice president and general manager, military at Boingo Wireless.

“She is a phenomenal leader,” Moore said. “It was an insightful conversation that honored our veterans and discussed the unique skills they bring to civilian careers, as well as big differences they face in the transition from military life to the corporate world.”

With firsthand military background, Gray shared what she’s achieved and how she leverages her military experience to her advantage, making for a powerful educational session. At Boingo, the veterans ERG pairs education and awareness initiatives with action.

“We’ve had team members reach out to local veterans, which is sometimes the most impactful way to share your time and energy,” said Moore. “In the past, we’ve also gathered items that veterans in our local communities needed – food, clothes and more.”

In the below Q&A, Moore gives further insight at how Boingo’s mission statement is reflected in the intentional connections it builds with veteran employees and ERGs.


What’s the mission of the Boingo Veterans ERG?

Our mission is to come together to support each other and acknowledge our veterans both inside Boingo and in our community.


What’s the inspiration behind some recent initiatives? What do these events mean to you?

We’re inspired by the power of community. It feels good to know that people are taking the time to get to know our veterans and understand our unique journey.


What makes your ERG and its work different from other company groups?

The Boingo Veterans ERG is unique in that it focuses on supporting our veteran employees and our veteran community, building awareness throughout the company and acknowledging what veterans do and have done for our country. Military personnel come from a wide range of backgrounds and have chosen a wide range of career paths post service. This group brings us together and creates a safe place for our likeness and differences.


How does the group’s work fit into the larger mission of the company?

Having this group inspires inclusivity and connection among people, which are core to Boingo. Boingo is a proud recipient of the 2020, 2021 and 2022 HIRE Vets Medallion Award and has a number of talented veterans working across all teams. As a business, we also support more than 80 military bases around the globe. That means we have teams working daily with military personnel, commands, government agencies and all those who support operations and quality of life on bases.

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