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Boingo and SEEDS Transform Educational Opportunities for Youth in Tri-State Region

By Team Boingo
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Boingo was honored to join the SEEDS Capstone Speaker Series, a program that provides high school students from low-income households with knowledge and skills for building a meaningful career in a variety of fields. Boingo engineers recently visited New Jersey students who are part of the SEEDS program to share inspiring STEM career stories.


“Boingo connects New York and New Jersey’s most iconic venues with 5G and Wi-Fi—from Newark airport to Rockefeller Center and the World Trade Center Oculus. We design, build and manage next generation technologies at these places to ensure your phone connects to the internet,” shared Rachel Rea, senior vice president of operations at Boingo.

Rea and her team went on to provide perspectives on why a successful career in STEM is within reach for everyone, regardless of your background. Building a thriving STEM career requires curiosity, determination and a passion for problem-solving.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek mentors, and engage in hands-on projects,” said Rea.

SEEDS – Access Changes Everything is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 that prepares highly-motivated students from low-income households for admission to schools and colleges across the country. Each of their programs provide a demanding course of study designed to develop the intellectual and leadership potential of their students and prepare them for long-term success. Boingo is a proud SEEDS partner, aiming to inspire and support the next generation of technology leaders throughout the tri-state region.