MFH Testimonial #1

“As a publicly traded company, we took a bold step when we moved our entire portfolio of over 10,000 units into Boingo’s care. It was a great choice, and our partnership continues to expand and grow over the years.”

Randy Churchey, CEO, Education Realty Trust

MFH Testimonial #2

“Our Mission is to provide the ultimate living experience for our residents so we must make sure they have the ultimate internet experience. That is why we rely on Boingo to partner with us in making this happen.”

Kirk Preiss, Principal, The Preiss Company

MFH Testimonial #3

“Boingo has demonstrated on multiple sites their ability to provide network installation on time and at a high level of quality. They also meet and exceed our resident expectations on speed, channel lineup, and customer service.”

John Sims, SVP Construction, Capstone Collegiate Communities

Sports Testimonial 4

Fortunately, Boingo was up to the challenge that we presented to them…. You want a partner that listens to what you’re trying to get accomplished. We recognize the challenges – we’re trying help people in that front row in the lower bowl just as much as the top row of upper bowl, because they’re all important to us and we want them to have a good experience.

– Frank Zang

Vice President of Communications at Larry H. Miller Group of Companies