Subsidize Your
Wi-Fi Costs

Monetize your Wi-Fi network and generate revenue while satisfying consumer demand for Wi-Fi with the Boingo Media platform. A turnkey sponsorship and advertising solution, Boingo Media helps subsidize the cost of operating your Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Sponsorships

Monetize your wireless network while satisfying consumer demand for Wi-Fi

Join a prestigious roster of premium locations that leverage the Boingo Media platform to keep users satisfied with free Wi-Fi while generating incremental revenue to help offset rising network costs. A turnkey network monetization engine, the Boingo Media platform enables brand advertisers to reach a captive audience through high-engagement Wi-Fi sponsorship in thousands of venues worldwide.


  • Improves customer satisfaction by supporting free Wi-Fi while helping venues offset network costs
  • Generates incremental revenue with no resource of staff commitment
  • Dedicated in-house ad sales team covering key media markets around the world: New York City, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Dubai, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto
  • Proprietary technology built specifically for public Wi-Fi
  • Supplies leading-edge turnkey network monetization solution at no cost to your venue

Boingo Media Venue Snapshot

Our Wi-Fi advertising network spans thousands of partner hotspots that serve more than a billion consumers annually. AD_Venue Snapshot

Boingo Differentiators

With more than 15 years of experience deploying and operating wireless networks in large public venues and a dedicated Wi-Fi sponsorship and advertising platform, Boingo provides unmatched technology, advertising sales expertise and a proven track record of generating revenue for our venue partners.

AD_Differentiators We deliver 100% share of voice and guaranteed engagement to advertisers

  • Fully managed service; preserves valuable resources for strategic initiatives and core competencies
  • Innovative advertiser engagement modules in addition to video and display formats: app download, email collection, text match, polls/surveys
  • Operational support with ongoing performance data and real-time campaign reporting

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