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Did you know free Wi-Fi is ranked the #1 amenity for people on-the-go? Leading companies like American Express, Samsung and Amazon use Boingo to give their customers unlimited free Wi-Fi at more than a million hotspots worldwide. Let us customize a program for you.

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Boingo Wi-Fi For Mastercard Holders

Free Wi-Fi: The Ultimate Perk

Whether you’ve got a new device to promote or a loyalty program to enhance, boost consumer satisfaction and retention by pairing your products and services with the ultimate perk: Free Wi-Fi!

The “Comes With Boingo” Program provides your customers with unlimited free Wi-Fi at over 1 million hotspots worldwide, like airports, in-flight, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, stadiums and more. The program is easy to implement and even easier to redeem. Plus, Passpoint technology makes accessing Wi-Fi as easy and secure as cellular!



1 Million+ premium hotspots


Unique pricing model allows steep discounts over retail rates


Global, regional, in-flight and custom Wi-Fi access plans available


Flexible benefit redemption models simplify on-boarding for end users


Integration into your promotional site or standalone microsite hosted by Boingo


Boingo Wi-Finder client preload available for various platforms: iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows

Consumers Crave Wi-Fi

At high-traffic venues like airports, stadiums, and transit hubs (just to name a few), the demand for mobile data far exceeds the capacity of cellular networks. Data-hungry consumers and bandwidth-hungry devices can place a burden on over-taxed wireless networks, causing decreased performance and painfully slow connection speeds due to network congestion. Our neutral host model lets everyone access the network, regardless of which carrier they use.

“…a great perk for road warriors and other frequent travelers, as it’ll save you the hassle and potential expense of finding Wi-Fi between flights, meetings or sightseeing.”

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