Comes with Boingo Enhance Products with Boingo Wi-Fi

Add value to your offerings by bundling unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi with your products and services, giving your customers access to more than 1 million hotspots around the globe.

Boingo Bundled Wi-Fi Service

Provide a Valuable Perk with Bundled Wi-Fi

Today’s consumers are more mobile and connected than ever before; they have voracious appetites for mobile data and want to use Wi-Fi wherever possible to support bandwidth-intensive mobile activities and avoid expensive cellular data overage charges. Give your customers a useful benefit they will appreciate and enjoy by providing unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi service with their device purchase or as a membership benefit.


  • Program pricing is dependent on the eligible community/device count, not activation or usage base
  • Unique pricing model allows steep discounts over retail rates
  • Global, regional, in-flight and custom Wi-Fi access plans available
  • Flexible benefit redemption models supporting your call to action simplifies on-boarding for end users
  • Integrated into your promotional site or standalone microsite hosted by Boingo
  • Boingo Wi-Finder client preload available for numerous platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS

Network Access Options

Managed and Operated Network

Boingo’s managed and operated network provides access to global commercial hotspot locations—including 30% of the world’s top 30 airports and 50% of North America’s top 50 airports, stadiums, shopping centers, and more—reaching 1.5+ billion consumers annually. We have launched Passpoint at 25 airports in the United States, enabling seamless, secure access to Passpoint-enabled Wi-Fi networks for users with a profile installed.

Aggregated Network

With over 100 operator partners in 100 countries, our aggregated network of 1 million+ premium locations delivers global network coverage. Your customers will enjoy ubiquitous Wi-Fi service worldwide in airports, cafés, hotels, metropolitan hotzones, convention centers, and more.

Roaming Partners


User Experience

Your customers will enjoy one-click access to more than 1 million premium hotspots from the following devices and operating systems: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (Samsung, HTC, Motorola), Mac OS, and PC (Windows). bundling_devices

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Bundle Boingo with Your Products

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