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The World’s Best Wi-Fi
Now for Multifamily

We serve thousands of residents with millions of devices coast to coast and across the globe.

2,200 Communities
300,000+ residents
500,000+ beds

Reinventing the resident experience

Our networks are ready to go when your residents are.

Power button

Instant On

Move in, sign up, and log on, immediately. No waiting for the cable guy.

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Seamless Wi-Fi Everywhere

From apartment to pool to parking, and everywhere in between.


Blazing Fast

Lightning-fast speeds, secure networks, symmetrical upload and download.

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Wi-Fi On-the-Go

Can include access to over 1 million global hotspots from the local coffee shop to a hotel halfway around the world.

Customer Care

24/7 Customer Support

Real, caring humans 24x7x365 standing by via phone, email, text and chat.

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Meet Boingo For Multifamily


Take control of your network

Boingo puts property owners and managers in the driver’s seat.

Steer your network according to your community’s needs.


5G and IoT Ready

Designed to power digital locks, security cameras and smart thermostats, and whatever comes next.

Property value

Increase NOI & Property Value

Boingo’s community-wide wireless solution boosts marketability, raises property value and create a new source of revenue.


24/7 Network Insights

Access critical info about your network, units and customer support—in real time.

Consumer desire increases

Killer Tech Drives Desire

State-of-the-art wireless solution attracts higher rents.

Thumbs up

Resident Satisfaction Drives Occupancy

Blazing-fast Wi-Fi = happy residents = longer lease = gold star property reputation.

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CMO Dawn Callahan explains the benefits of Boingo for Multifamily


Don’t just take our word for it

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Multifamily Executive

Meet the Multifamily Secret that Helped Transform a Dallas Property

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Busting the Myth of ‘Pre-Installed Wi-Fi’ in Multifamily Buildings

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Building, Design + Construction

Boingo Blog: Where Connectivity Meets Community

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“Boingo takes great pride in their work, and their staff is always competent and professional. They go above and beyond to assure customer satisfaction and compliance with the terms of the contract. I highly recommend Boingo as a partner for any Wi-Fi, IPTV, or cellular requirements.”

Mark Dowdey
Telecom Business Manager,
Advanced Telecommunications Division, AAFES


The 5G Playbook for Multifamily Communities

Confused about 5G? We can help make sense of what’s right for your property. Learn more with our free playbook.

5G Playbook for Multifamily

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